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  • 140

    of forest

    In 2009, the paper consumption of public administrations was 2500 tons, costing 27 M€ or 140 hectares of 62000 trees.

  • -80%


    A dematerialized archiving solution means a saving of 80% in archiving costs.

  • -50%

    look up

    A dematerialized archiving solution means a saving of 50% on look up costs.

  • 400

    of research

    An employee spends on average 400h a year searching for paper documents, of which 25% will never be found due to poor classification.

  • 80%

    of information
    is unstructured

    80% of documents within a company are unstructured (post, documents, reports, images, emails etc).



ReadSoft, a new product partner

To provide the best support for their customers in their productivity research Novadys has established a technology partnership with ReadSoft, a specialist in electronic supplier’s invoices, to develop and refine their offer of automated capture.


Novadys, one of the top 250 software creators and editors

Several places won in the top 250 French software creators and editors, published by Ernst & Young and Syntec Numérique, Editions 2011 and 2012